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2022 Fall Recreational Soccer K-12

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register? 

What is the cost and what does it include? 

  • Rec Soccer players will play either 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, or 7v7 soccer at the Vidalia Soccer Complex.  Players will receive secondary insurance, registration with LSA, along with many other benefits for coaches and referees.
  • One individual picture.
  • UNIFORMS ARE SOLD SEPERATELY.  You can purchase your uniform at Rhino Graphics in Vidalia. Total uniform kit is $35.

What are the dates of the soccer season?

  • Regular registration begins: Aug 14th
  • Registration ends: Aug 29th
  • Team selection: September 1th
  • Season begins: September 25th
  • Season ends: November 6th

What days are the games? 

  • Sundays
  • Rain-outs may cause week day makeup games

When do we practice?

  • Practice schedules will be set by each individual coach depending on their availability.  Practices usually last between 1-2 hours.

What does the U mean in the age groups such as U6?

  • The U stands for Under.  A U6 player is considered to be “under 6”.  You can find the US Soccer Age Matrix HERE

What equipment do I need? 

  • Your player will need soccer cleats, shin guards, and water.

What size ball does my age group use? 

  • U4-U8: Size 3
  • U9-U12: Size 4
  • U13+: Size 5

What does my child need to bring to practice? 

  • Your player will need soccer cleats, shin guards, and water.
  • Little Kickers must wear their Little Kickers t-shirt.

How many players are on a team?

  • U6-U8: 4v4 teams will have roster sizes of 6-8 players
  • U9-U18: 5v5 teams will have roster sizes of 8-10 players.

How do I get info about coaching or refereeing? 

  • Email us at [email protected]
  • Visit our website at and navigate to the Coaches and Referee tab.

When will I hear from my coach? 

  • After coaches select the teams

When will we get schedules and uniforms? 

  • Schedules will be posted once teams have been selected.
  • UNIFORMS ARE SOLD SEPERATELY at Rhino Graphics in Vidalia, LA.

Can my child play in a different age group other than his/her own? 

  • Play-up petition forms are available to parents who choose to allow their players to play up by 1 age group.  The Director of Coaching will have to assess the player and determine if playing up will be permitted.  Players cannot move up by more than 1 age group and may never move down in age group.  Email us at [email protected] for a play-up petition form.

Can I get a refund? 

  • Refunds are only given in the event that a season is ended unexpectedly by the club.  All registrations are final.

Can I wear a cast, glasses, or jewelry? 

  • Arm casts are allowed but may not be used as a weapon during play.  Jewelry or hats of any kind will not be allowed during practice or gameplay due to possible injury.  Prescription eye glasses are allowed during gameplay and practice but sunglasses are not.

How are teams formed?

  • Coaches will meet before the season for draft day.  Once players are placed onto teams, we will randomly assign coaches to the teams that have been made.  Coaches who are coaching in the division their child plays in will be placed with their child's team.

Can I choose my own team? 

  • Only the High School age groups will be allowed to select their own roster.  Rosters for these age groups must be between 8-10 players and play with at least two female players on the field at all times. 

Why didn’t my child get on the team we requested? 

  • Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate every preferred teammate request while staying underneath each max roster size.
  • It is important for the development of our players and the growth of soccer that parity among teams be kept.  Unfortunately, when players are allowed to form their own teams, new players are placed on “leftover teams” that are not as skilled as those who created their own team.  This leads to a large disparity in skill level and discourages those players who are new to the game from continuing to play.  No child wants to be placed on a “leftovers” team.

Why are we playing 3v3, 4v4 and 5v5?

  • This year, rec soccer will be played 3v3, 4v4 or 5v5 from the U6 to the U13+ age groups.  We believe that the ball is the key to player development.  Playing small-sided soccer games allows players more opportunities to touch the ball and make decisions on the ball.  Smaller field sizes allow players to run less and play more.  Smaller rosters allow for more play time for each player.  Most importantly, keeping rosters small allows us to keep players playing with teammates of a similar age group.  We want players to grow with the game and it's very important for players to play with their proper ball size, field size, and age group. 

Why are we playing with Build Out Lines?

  • Rec soccer for the U9-U18 age groups will be played using Build Out.  The purpose of the build-out line is to encourage players to build-out from the back using the goalkeeper as not just a shot stopper but a field player as well.    Build out lines provide players the space they need to feel comfortable playing short passes from the back.  Build out lines also allow us to be more consistent when teaching players the offside rule of soccer.  Goalkeepers will not be allowed to punt or bounce-kick the ball.  By restricting the length of passes, defenders that play in the back will be put into a situation where they have to make decisions on the ball as opposed to only defending.


Rec Soccer


MLSC has partnered with Concordia Recreations District 3 to offer recreational soccer to the Miss-Lou community at the Vidalia soccer complex.  Together, along with the help of the Louisiana Soccer Association, we plan to offer soccer in the Miss-Lou like never before!  Our mission is to provide the youth of our community with a fun, structured, and educational soccer experience.  We want players to have a great time and to walk away having learned something new.  To do this, we've established player, coaching, and referee development initiatives.  Here's what's new this year:

Player Development Initiative
Player development is at the core of what we do.  We believe this all starts with the ball.  That's why we want to make sure that every player who signs up for their first time with the club receives a free MLSC soccer ball.  According to the United States Soccer Federation, there is a direct correlation between player development and the number of touches a player takes on the ball.  We want to make sure players are getting opportunities to play with the ball as much as possible.  We believe small-sided soccer games, along with age appropriate field sizes are the right way to approach player development.  Players will be placed in an environment that encourages fun activities and structured lessons.  Coaches will be encouraged to "just let the kids play" and discouraged from lines, laps, and lectures.  

Coaching Development Initiative
We plan to empower all of our volunteer coaches with the proper coaching equipment for their teams.  We've developed a curriculum designed for each individual age group and will hold novice coaching courses for all of our volunteer coaches.  We know how intimidating it can be to coach a sport you don't know anything about so we want to give coaches all the tools we can to make that process as easy as possible.  Our Director of Coaching, Daniel Rivera, will serve as a mentor to all of our coaches and provide guidance along the way. 

Referee Development Initiative
We believe that referees serve as not only arbiters of the game but as instructors as well.  It is important to the development of the player that they're in an environment that's controlled by referees who are fully equipped.  To do this, we plan to host referee certification courses along with the proper uniform and equipment that they will need.  Referees will be paid competitive wages for their services as well.  Our Referee Administrator, Will Christian, will serve as a mentor for those new referees to provide the proper guidance they need.

Fall recreational soccer will open in the late summer and Spring rec soccer registration will open during the winter months.  Registrations will be done through the Concordia Recreations District 3 website but a link to the registration form will always be provided here at  We want to make the registration process as easy as possible.  No more having to drive somewhere to pay cash in person, registration is available to you right on your phone.  Uniforms are included in our registration fee and will be handed out by the teams coach prior to the start of the season. 

We believe that transparency and communication is very important.  We will release registration dates, schedules, and any contingency plans as soon as that information is available to us.  Although some circumstances are out of our control, the last thing we want is for you to be left in the dark only to be surprised with a last minute change of plans.  The quickest way to stay up to date with us is to follow our Facebook page and to make sure that the email address on your account is accurate. 


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